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We have always had a fascination when it comes to telling the time. From the ancient Egyptians to the present day we take pride in this intricate design and both wear, display and flaunt our ticking timepieces with Preston being no exception. Preston has a long history dating back to its origins as an Anglian settlement in the 7th century. The land was given to St Wilfred, whose name was bestowed on the only church up until the 17th century, that still stands today. But Preston has also seen a great deal of wealth by becoming what was known as the richest borough in the country and a key marketplace in the 14th century. The city was admired by many for its grand architecture built in the 19th century, visited regularly by writers such as Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens and Karl Marx. But Preston also holds an interesting past surrounding its clocks, with some remaining a proud feature of the city to this day.

One of the most famous clocks in Preston, sparking debate in recent years, is the one located on the tower of the Baptist church built in 1852. The Baptist church which stands in Fishergate, not far from the centre of Preston, was designed by James Hibbert, the same architect as the Harris museum and art gallery. The church was originally built without a clock but an appeal was made to the Town Corporation to have one installed. The appeal was successful and the clock has remained there ever since, aiding the commuters from Preston railway station on the journey into the city. However, the clock has sparked attention recently after not ticking for 3 years. The church is now set to become a new French gastro restaurant and the owner, Bistrot Pierre, has now promised that the clock will be restored for the opening of the restaurant, much to the delight of the locals.

Another clock that was once admired greatly by the people of Preston is that of the George Gilbert Scott Town Hall. The clock stood upon 113 feet spite with the dials spanning a huge 9 feet allowing it to be seen from miles around by the people of Preston. The clock was first designed to be located far lower but the Preston Corporation insisted the clock should be higher ensuring it was in view from a great distance. The building went ahead in 1866 and was maintained until it burnt down in March of 1947. The reason for the fire has remained a mystery with Prestorians claiming to hear the clanging of the bell as it fell to the ground as the building burnt. The building was demolished in 1962 and was replaced by the Crystal House which remains there today.

A clock that was also a recognisable feature of the city is one that stands above the Preston Corporation Transport department. It was a well-known meeting point for Prestorians on Lancaster Road with the phrase ‘meet me under the clock on Lancaster Road’ often passed around. This clock is useful for the commuters using the bus services with the many bus stops that line the road.

For many people in Preston, the clock that is most memorable of all is the one upon the tower of Preston’s catholic cathedral, St Ignatius. With the first mill opening in Preston in 1777 an influx of people moved to the city for work and soon it became a well-populated area. By 1835 there were over 40 mills and a much larger population of around 70,000, with around 30,000 having catholic faith, so in order to accommodate the greater numbers the church was built and remains in the city centre to this day. The Church was, in fact, the first church in Preston to have a spire on which the clock is situated and served many workers passing through the city centre. The building is hailed for its early gothic style designed by Joseph John Scoles and now lies at the heart of a conservation area while being a grade 2 listed building. The clock towers high above the city mounted on its famous landmark and remains a part of Preston’s history today.

So whether you have a passion for the historical world of horological design or you simply like to flash some sophisticated gear on your wrist, clocks carry with them the prestige and prowess that comes with the intricate manufacturing of such a detailed item. And while there are many ways you can buy your watch in Preston, selling your watch can be a little more difficult, but at The Boutique Manchester, you can receive the cash the same day you receive a quote. So why waste time? Trade in your old designer watch and find the one that was meant for you know you can extend your budget and enjoy the sense of elite finesse that comes with wearing the perfect designer watch.

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