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Welcome to my review of the Perpetual Calendar Tantalum 1800-2002 Watch with LAPIS Lazuli Dial from H Moser & Cie’s Endeavour Collection. As an avid collector and enthusiast of luxury watches, I must say that this timepiece has caught my attention with its unique features and exceptional craftsmanship. In this post, I will delve deeper into the details of this watch and provide you with my honest opinion. So, sit back, relax, and let’s explore the Perpetual Calendar Tantalum 1800-2002 Watch from H Moser & Cie’s Endeavour Collection.


When it comes to luxury watches, H Moser & Cie is a name that stands out. Their Endeavour collection, in particular, boasts timepieces that are both elegant and functional. One of the watches that deserve attention is the Perpetual Calendar Tantalum 1800-2002. With its LAPIS lazuli dial and precise movements, it is a watch that any watch enthusiast would appreciate.

The Perpetual Calendar Tantalum 1800-2002 Watch

The Perpetual Calendar Tantalum 1800-2002 sits comfortably on the wrist with its 42mm diameter and 14.9mm thickness. Tantalum has been used for the case and buckle, giving it the stain and scratch-resistant properties that set it apart from other materials. The LAPIS lazuli dial adds a pop of color that blends seamlessly with the watch’s look.

The watch also houses H Moser & Cie’s HMC 341.501 hand-wound movement, which is capable of keeping track of leap years, months with different numbers of days, and the date, day, and month without the need for adjustment until 2100. It has a power reserve of seven days, meaning that you rarely have to wind it.

The watch comes with a brown leather strap with a matching tantalum pin buckle. The strap is comfortable and adjustable, and it highlights the watch’s luxurious design.




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The H Moser & Cie Perpetual Calendar Tantalum 1800-2002 watch is a stunning timepiece that is perfect for any watch enthusiast. With its tantalum case, LAPIS lazuli dial, and precise movement, it combines luxury and functionality in one package. Although it has a high price point, it is worth the investment for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship.


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